Candidate FAQ

Does participating in the Employment Center guarantee me a job?

No, it does not. The Employment Center facilitates communication between candidates and employers. It is not a placement service.

Does participating in the Employment Center guarantee that I will be asked for an interview?

No, it does not. The purpose of the Employment Center is to facilitate communication between candidates and employers. The scheduling of interviews is entirely up to the employers. Your chances of getting an interview are increased, however, by submitting your CV as early as possible and sending your applications to registered employers as soon as you can after you see the job listed in the online Employment Listings.

I preregistered some time ago and my contact information has since changed. How do I update my name and/or e-mail address for the Employment Center?

First, login to the CV Submission System using the username and password sent to you in the CV Submission invitation email. Click the "View/Edit Profile" link. From that screen, you will be able to make changes to your name and e-mail address. Be sure to hit the "Save Changes" button before navigating away from the screen.

I’ve preregistered with the Employment Center. Do I need to check in with the Employment Center staff before I start using the Center?

No, just be sure to access the Annual Meetings edition of Employment Listings, found online. 


How does a candidate know an employer is interviewing onsite?

Employers , will have an Employment Center logo next to their ad in the online Employment Listings. Additionally, the special Annual Meeting edition of Employment Listings of registered job ads will be accessible to candidates, indicating job classifications and type of interview.

What are open interviews? What are prearranged interviews?

Open interviews are when employers set up interviews with candidates onsite. The Employment Center no longer offers this option. 

Prearranged interviews are when an employer schedules an interview with a candidate who has already applied for the position prior to the start of the Employment Center (generally the candidate has sent in an application through the job ad posted on Employment Listings). These employers are not expected to respond to general inquiries.

Where does a candidate go for an interview?

Interviews take place in either the Employment Center Interview Hall or in Private Interview Rooms.

For an interview in the Interview Hall, candidates wait in the Candidate Lounge (located in the main Employment Center). Employers meet candidates there in the lounge and escort them to the Interview Hall.

Private Interview Rooms are located outside of the Employment Center. If an employer plans to interview you in a Private Interview Hall, he/she will have notified you before the meeting. You will need to arrive at the Employment Center at least twenty minutes before your scheduled interview so that you can inquire at the Private Interview Room Check-in Desk and be sent to the proper location.

Employment Center policies apply to interviews in the Private Interview Rooms as well as in the Interview Hall. If an applicant is uncomfortable meeting in a Private Interview Room, he or she should alert the employer immediately and request that the interview be scheduled in the Interview Hall.

How can I make an accessibility request?

AAR is committed to maximizing accessibility for employers and job seekers who are making use of the Employment Center. AAR can arrange for a quiet booth, to minimize noise or distraction from adjacent booths, or may be able to arrange for a private interview room if space is available. If you need a quiet room or have other accessibility needs, please contact as soon as possible so that we can adequately accommodate you.

How can I contact Employment Center staff?

If you wish to speak to the Employment Center staff prior to November 21, you may contact or 404-727-2286. After November 20, you will need to visit the Employment Center during its hours of operation.