Candidate Services

Employment Center Candidate Services

We have eliminated all Employment Center fees for candidates. Beginning in 2015, all active members of the American Academy of Religion or the Society of Biblical Literature who have registered for the Annual Meeting can register as candidates with the Employment Center free of charge

All registered candidates receive:
• Access to the Annual Meeting edition of Employment Listings containing registered jobs and employer info
• Opportunity to submit a CV for employers to review online


To register for the Employment Center, you must first register for the Annual Meetings. You may register as an AAR or SBL member or joint member.

The registration period opens in April of 2020 and continues through the Annual Meetings.  Once you register for the Center as a candidate you may submit your CV for employer review.

Please note: it is not necessary to register as a candidate simply to meet with an employer. Any Annual Meetings registrant (you must have a name badge) may freely use the Interview Hall if an employer directly invites you for an interview.

You must be logged in as a member to register for the Employment Center.



Employment Listings

Candidates are encouraged to begin reviewing Employment Listings and start applying for jobs in August.
Employers registered with the Employment Center are required to post job descriptions in the online edition of Listings. These ads will be marked with an Employment Center logo. Note that job applications are often due well before the Annual Meetings so that employers can prearrange their Employment Center interviews.

You must be logged in as a member to view Employment Listings.


CV Submission System

Once registered with the Employment Center as a candidate, you will be emailed instructions for uploading your CV within 72 hours. You will be able to upload your CV until February 14, 2021. 

Registered employers can review CVs until then. CVs are categorized by field of specialization and searchable by both specialization and candidate name.

If you do not receive your instructions via e-mail or have questions, contact Please be sure to check your spam folder in case the automatically sent instructions get caught there. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Candidates

What services will I have access to if I register onsite and not before the meeting?

Candidates who register onsite have the same access as preregistered candidates. However, employers won't be able to review your CV until you have registered for the Employment Center, received upload instructions, and submitted your CV into the system.

I have been asked to interview by a registered employer. I don’t want to upload my CV. Do I have to register with the Employment Center?

No. All registered Annual Meetings participants may interview as invited without registering with the Employment Center, but employers must be registered and can only conduct inerviews under the space and time restrictions of the Employment Center.

Should I expect an interview opportunity if I do not have something scheduled before the start of the meeting?

No. Please note that AAR and SBL Employment Services will no longer allow “Open” or drop-in interviews to be conducted as a part of the Employment Center, and that the Center is not a job fair. Both AAR and SBL host sessions pertaining to job prospects and professional development that can be searched for in the program book. Candidates should not expect to participate in interviews that are not previously scheduled. (Please review our terms and conditions to better understand the rules surrounding job postings and interviews.)

Does participating in the Employment Center guarantee me a job?

No, it does not. The Employment Center facilitates communication between candidates and employers. It is not a placement service.

Does participating in the Employment Center guarantee that I will be asked for an interview?

No, it does not. The purpose of the Employment Center is to facilitate communication between candidates and employers. The scheduling of interviews is entirely up to the employers. Your chances of getting an interview are increased, however, by submitting your CV as early as possible and sending your applications to registered employers as soon as you can after you see the job listed in the online Employment Listings.

I preregistered some time ago, and my contact information has since changed. How do I update my e-mail address, phone number, or mailing address for the Employment Center?

Once you log in to the Employment Services system, click on the "Edit Profile" link in the menu on your left. You will be able to update your name and e-mail address, as well as change your password. Please note that any changes made to your profile in the Employment Services site are NOT made to your membership record. Should you wish to change your name or e-mail address in your membership record, you will need to contact the membership organization to which you belong, AAR or SBL, and have them update that record.

I’ve preregistered with the Employment Center. Do I need to check in with the Employment Center staff before I start using the Center?

No, just be sure you access the Annual Meetings edition of Employment Listings online. The online listings will provide vital information about jobs, employers, and guidelines to using the Center effectively.

How does a candidate know an employer is interviewing onsite?

Employers who register for the Employment Center will have the Employment Center logo next to their ad in the online Employment Listings. 

Where does a candidate go for an interview?

Interviews take place in either the Employment Center Interview Hall or in Private Interview Rooms.

For an interview in the Interview Hall, candidates wait in the Candidate Lounge (located in the main Employment Center). Employers meet candidates there in the lounge and escort them to the Interview Hall.

Private Interview Rooms are located outside of the Employment Center. If an employer plans to interview you in a Private Interview Hall, he/she will have notified you before the meeting. You will need to arrive at the Employment Center at least twenty minutes before your scheduled interview so that you can inquire at the Private Interview Room Check-in Desk and be sent to the proper location.

Employment Center policies apply to interviews in the Private Interview Rooms as well as in the Interview Hall. If an applicant is uncomfortable meeting in a Private Interview Room, he or she should alert the employer immediately and request that the interview be scheduled in the Interview Hall.

How can I contact Employment Center staff?

If you wish to speak to the Employment Center staff prior to November 20, you may e-mail or call 1-404-727-2286. After November 20, you will need to visit the Employment Center during its hours of operation.

How can I make accessibility requests?

AAR is committed to maximizing accessibility for employers and job seekers who are making use of the Employment Center. AAR can arrange for a quiet booth, to minimize noise or distraction from adjacent booths, or may be able to arrange for a private interview room if space is available. If you need a quiet room or have other accessibility needs, please contact as soon as possible so that we can adequately accommodate you.