Employer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Employers

Is everyone on the interview team required to register for the Annual Meetings in order to use the Employment Center?

Yes, only those people who are registered for the Annual Meetings may utilize the Employment Center. You may register as an AAR member, SBL member, joint member, or at the nonmember registration rate. All team members must be registered for the Annual Meetings.

We want to interview an Annual Meetings registrant. Does this candidate have to register with the Employment Center?

No. All registered Annual Meetings participants may interview as invited without registering for the Employment Center. However, an Annual Meetings name badge is required for admittance to all Annual Meetings activities and areas, including the Employment Center.

Does participating in the Employment Center guarantee that we’ll find someone to fill the position?

No, it does not. The Employment Center facilitates communication between candidates and employers. It is not a placement service.

How can my team inspect candidate credentials?

All registered candidates have the opportunity to file a CV. Registered employers will be able to view the CVs online until February 14, 2022. Candidates are not required to submit a CV, but they are highly encouraged to do so.

Can we host open or drop-in interviews?

No. As of 2019, AAR and SBL are no longer allowing open or drop-in interviews to be conducted at the Annual Meetings. Due to the cost burden of attending the Annual Meetings and challenges of the academic job search, institutions are now required to prearrange interviews with candidates in a timely manner.

Where does an employer meet a candidate at the time of an interview?

Please instruct candidates that they need to inquire with the check-in desk at least 20 minutes ahead of their scheduled interview as the distance between the check-in desk and the interview room can sometimes be a bit of a walk. Employers can meet their candidates at the check-on desk or request that candidates be escorted to the interview room.

How can I contact Employment Center staff?

If you wish to speak to the Employment Center staff prior to November 19, you may email careers@aarsbl.org. After November 19, you will need to visit the Employment Center at the Annual Meetings during its hours of operation.